MONKY'S INC Upgrade Tuning Service
for EP91 Starlet Glanza V and EP82 Starlet GT Turbo

This modification service is offered only for Custmer who purchased EP91 Starlet glanza v or EP82 Starlet turbo
at MONKY'S INC JAPAN. No parts sales service is available at MONKY'S INC.

Value For Your money Tune up service
EP91 Starlet Glanza V
EP82 Starlet GT turbo

"Value for Money", one of good tunning service We can provide you by us.
Price : Total 80,000JPY, Including Brand New JAM parts, Labor, inspection fees.

We use 2 parts, A JAM racing FCC unit, and a JAM racing High pressure turbo actuator.
The FCC unit and the high pressure turbo actuator,

The Stock Turbo actuator release the Compressed Air made by Turbocharger unit at Low pressure level(Max around 0,8kg/mm). So Even though You set up The high boost level by EVC, or VVC unit, All the air are released by "Releaf valve" controlled by the stock turbo actuator, when the Boost reach the boost level set up by this Normal Turboactuator. Normal setting has "a Room" for Adjusting the Turbo capability.

On the other hands, This high pressure actuator allow the boost level to Keep more higher level than Stock Boost level, After all, We can get more "High boost" easily, and This Modification is very popular for "Normal turbocharger" upgrade.
Furthmore The Boost goes more quicky than "Stock turbo conditions", You feels more
"Speedy", and "Quicker" , like Turbocharger works more quicker, speedy.

If you need More more high power, "Changing turbocharger" could be better,
But This modification makes "Low end torque" much bigger, and Turbo response quicker
than stock turbo, Reasonable cost, but Good performance.

and, If you install "EVC", or "VVC", This high pressure actuator allow more high boost level , after all, The compressed air comes into the engine more than Stock conditions.

However The Engine management is controlled by Main ECU, so As long as ECU is stock condition, You can't get more high boost level than "Stock Conditions"...
So The next Device FCC is also "Important" , To gets more "Boost" efficiently....

This FCC unit KILLS "Boost limitations" programmed in the main ECU.
"FCC" + "High pressure turbo actuator" Combination makes the engine goes More high
boost level than "Original factory set up boost level", after all, You can get more high
horse power easily.

In case The max boost goes amazing higher than We think, We have to install EVC units, to keep the boost level within "Stock Engine capacity".. But As long as Not so modified engine, Mostly No problems.
If the turbocharger unit changed with "Aftermarket turbo", and The intercooler changed with "Aftermarket Bigger size", We check the max boost level, then let you know We have to installe "Metal gasket", or More strong internal engine parts..(Pistons, rods, etc.)

All These modifications are serviced by our "Experienced Mechanics" in our company factory.
This EP91-006 has "Air Flow", "Exhaust muffler", and "F/M Inter cooler", so
The max boost level We can get after "FCC + High pressure turbo actuators", around
1.1kg/mm, roughly 40 to 50HP grade up.

After the modifications, this Glanza V was checked, tested by our mechanics, then confirmed Engine has No problems, finally arranged shipping process.

Sample pics, Cars before we arrange shipping process....
This is the actual picture of one of our Sold Cars, Stock # EP91-005

All Cars are transported by "Carrier Truck" safely, then goes to the departure port..
This is the actual picture of one of our Sold Cars, Stock # EP91-005

This is the actual picture of one of our Sold Cars, Stock # EP91-006

This is the actual picture of one of our Sold Cars, Stock # EP91-006

Custmer doen't need to worry about "How do we handle, care of Custmer purchased cars".
All Cars are holding in our Secure stock yards just before "Shipping process".

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