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Original beauty… shine much more? which is better?

We have no idea which is better for you, “original beauty” or “Artificial, flavored beauty”… Please choice one of them…. We can do any as custmer requests, but Unless we have “Requests”, We supply “original beauty” vehicles to you… We don’t use any plastic/rubber polish, glitter sprays… Not sprayed, Not artificial flavored, same as “Original [...]

Height adjustment? not a big mod, but better for Shipping!

  Unless we have special requests by our custmers, We check the vehicle underchassis clearance, and make the clearance size 10cm or more as could as possible. This process is “To protect Body kits damages, and Floor damages , on loading vehicles to Roll on Roll off boat at the wharf. most of vehicle transportation [...]

Kei Class Wagon… versatile, reliable, good on fuel, nice car

2000 Daihatsu Move Aero down custom This is a Daihatsu Move, very popular kei class wagon and  has been selling very well in japan since 1995year, 1st generation Move debut. But Move is not the “Pioneer” of This Tall size, Wagon style kei class cars. Suzuki WagonR is the 1st commer in this new class, [...]

Starlet is popular jdm imported in Canada??

“Toyota Starlet turbo” is popular in Canada? I’ve no idea, ’cause I just sold only 1unit EP82 starlet GT-Turbo a couple years ago… This EP91 model from 1996years, so around 2more years for canadian custmers.. basically engine is almost same 1.3L OHC turbocharged, but the internal parts, and the turbocharger units was a bit upgraded, [...]

R34 GT-R back again? price a bit reasonable than last year…

This is a famous “Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R”, i had before, on 2004year, 5years ago.. I was driving this only weekend days, satuday, sunday, drove only a few thousands km total, finally I sold this to a custmer in United Kingdom on december 2004year, but I offenly remember R34 GT-R when I come acorss R34 [...]