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1990 JDM 4×4 Mini Truck Subaru Supercharged Samber KS4 Sale japan to canada u.s.

Already hard to find this KS4 Supercharged 4×4 5spd model in japan market. If you’d like to get this Rare “Supercharged 4×4 5spd truck” locally in canada, u.s.a, and you could not find it there, we recommend you to think this “Mini truck” as your choice this time, Timing belt, tensioner, water pump will be [...]

1994 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini Turbo H56A 4×4 Kei Car SUV For Sale Canada Finland U.K. from Japan

It was very much sensational debut ivent when this Pajero mini was released by Mitsubishi Motor Japan on 1994Year, because the endo of ’80years to 1994year, The brother vehicle, Mitsubishi Pajero was one of best “Selling, and popular” vehicle in Japan, There is no words like “SUV”, We call this type of vehicles here as “Cro-kan”, [...]

Subaru Samber Classic face 4×4 Truck Supercharger for sale canada u.k. from japan

This Samber Supercharger truck KS4 Model was “Original” a couple months ago, and We changed “Samber original face” to very famous Samber Classis, retro style model samber van type “Face” at our workshop, using Subaru Genuine Samber Classis face parts, and All Chrome parts “Brand new parts” we used. VW face modified Samber is very [...]

Customized Subaru Samber Classic face conversioned 4×4 mini truck

We finished “Face Conversion process” at our workshop on a couple days ago, then bring this Cute and sweet subaru mini truck back to our stock yard, near our office… She looks beautiful, and charming than before, but she seems to be “Tired of Cosmetic Surgery”, but she says “Thanks Yas, make me looks more [...]