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Customized Subaru Samber Classic face conversioned 4×4 mini truck

Samber Classic Face Conversioned

Samber Classic Face Conversioned

We finished “Face Conversion process” at our workshop on a couple days ago, then bring this Cute and sweet subaru mini truck back to our stock yard, near our office… She looks beautiful, and charming than before, but she seems to be “Tired of Cosmetic Surgery”, but she says “Thanks Yas, make me looks more cute than before”… hahaha…

She’s now working one of our company vehicles, she’s tough, faster , amazing powerful than any other mini trucks suzuki, honda, mitsu, supercharger powered engine… only 660cc, but faster than 1 to 1.3L engine passenger vehicle, and she can carry 300kg weight on the rear bed.. We love this Cute, powerful, and economical truck…

If you are interested in this unit, Please visit our “Canada division” webpage, We will update the latest pics, etc… We are welcome “Engagement” … hope we can find the best husband, or boyfriend of her soon…

This subaru samber here:

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