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Subaru Samber Classic face 4×4 Truck Supercharger for sale canada u.k. from japan

This Samber Supercharger truck KS4 Model was “Original” a couple months ago, and We changed “Samber original face” to very famous Samber Classis, retro style model samber van type “Face” at our workshop, using Subaru Genuine Samber Classis face parts, and All Chrome parts “Brand new parts” we used.

VW face modified Samber is very popular “Modify” in japan. and Some makers sells Samber VW conversion kits, it’s not difficult to make it looks like “Samber face”. But This “Classic face” style Samber is basically “Van” type only available, and This Classic face conversion for “Trucks” is very rare in market.

Subaru Japan produced only a few thousands “Classic face” truck only 1year periods, from 1997-1998, requested by many custmers who wants “I love classic face, Classis face truck”, but Unfortunately The Maker produced Classic truck has No supercharged model… N/A model only.

I just wanted to get “Classic face with Supercharged engine”, and I made this truck like these pics…

Many people thinks “Just change the face parts”.. But Not so easy to make it looks like Classic face… because The front base panel are totally different from “Van type” and “Truck type”…. The truck type face panel has “no bracelets” for Classic face parts… We made 12 new Bracelet.

The front bumper “location”, and “Installation point” totally different, We made the original bracket, weld all into the frames, then fit the Classic model bumper onto this truck.

This truck Looks very cute, and funny… But the performance is “Oh my god”.. If you have experience to drive “Early model Subaru supercharged van or truck”, You knows that this Supercharge truck “So Faster…..”

We like “Fast and confortable”, so change Non power window to “Power window” by van type genuine parts, more confortable than standard samber truck.. fast and confortable, and Looks Good…

The only words meets this “Supercharged samber” is “Fast and powerful”..

This Cute Truck sales informations available here, so If you are interested in this kinds of “Mini Truck”, visit this URL…  You can see many many detail pics…

Needless to say, This truck already Fully mechanical serviced by MONKY’S INC, as your reference We lists 3 pics, Before “We modify”