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JDM Vintage sports–1974 Celica GTV 2TG

I am interested in driving “Vintage cars” sometime, like a weekend , business off time, or after my job finished in midnight time… that’s a small entertainment, and refreshing time for me.. this 1974 celica gtv rally is one of my collections. in japan Generally called as “Vintage Freak” , 2 different types.. one is “Original condition”, the others “Modified”, I prefer “Original” condition vintage cars, because it gives us much “Memories”, like my youth, etc…  When this celica born, I was 6years old boy, I remember this Celica very well in my memory.. i remember that i would have the celica when I grow up.. and now I could get one of my dream…

The engine power is very small comparing to younger year model cars.. but it has much tastes, feels more better than “Easy to drive” vehicles for me.. sometime I feel “Is this car alive? like a human??” cough in winter season, Heat in summer… like a human being…

if you guys are interested in this celica, visit our webpage, and see the pictures…

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