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Luxury Imports Inc, ON, Canada-MONKY’S INC JAPAN

We, MONKY’S INC mostly sells JDM RHD PERFORMANCE VEHICLES, like Nissan SKyline, GTS, GT-R, Lancer EVO, Nissan Silvia, Toyota Celica, Supra, etc, etc, most of them are turbocharged, high performance, called as Performance vehicles in japan.

However, We are also specilized in “selling” 4×4, Diesel engine vehicles, Truck, SUV, compact diesel engine vehicles, and big size diesel engine trucks here, and FOR CANADA since long time ago.

Mr.Wayne Smith, a TLC expert, is a doctor, adviser, and teacher of such vehicles, and We, MONKY’S INC have been studying lots about “Diesel 4×4″ from Wayne, and have much experiences to sell those vehicles in here, to world wide, and canada since 2003year.

Luxury Imports Inc sells only “Vehicles, Truck”, good shape, mechanical good condition.
they sell only vehicles which is “No need to worry after you purchase it”.

About Wayne, and Luxury Imports Inc, If you are familiared with Land Cruiser in canada,
I believe we don’t need to explain about “Wayne”.

We are one of Suppliers of Luxury Imports Inc, and If you would like to purchase “Good unit” in canada, please feel free to contact “Wayne”, and requests him about the vehicle you want to purchase.
He will respond you, and gives you the best solutions for purchasing best JDM import TLC…

This 70series Land cruiser, HZJ77HV is the fresh unit, We got in here lately, for Luxury Imports.

We will try to find the best vehicles for Custmers of Luxury Imports Inc in japan.

ALL THE VEHICLES we supply to Luxury Imports are Fully inspected at MONKY’S INC JAPAN M.I.T.I Registered and Approved mechanical workshop following to Japan legal 24month inspections, and anti freeze and oils fit to clients climate conditions, cleaned up completely, body polymer coated.


Luxury imports double check our “jobs” at their workshop, then sell to their custmers with warranty services.

If you are in market of TLC, and other “Diesel vehicles”, and would like to purchase decent shape, and good mechanical vehicles, contact Luxury Imports Inc, ON, CANADA.

They will give you “best quality vehicles”, and you will be satisfied with their professional services.

The above HZJ77HV, Test Driving on city and highway finished… this pics taken at the service area of Meishin toll road , Osaka , Japan….

Test Drive Video is available on Youtube, We upload immediately after the test in japan…

now We have  been doing “Parts replacing job” at our workshop, here…

and then…
Normally 100 to 200or more different angle, and detail pics are sent to Luxury imports from MONKY’S INC japan before the shipping process…

Best Quality JDM Diesel Vehicles… if you lives in canada, Luxyry Imports Inc is the best company you can get more than you have been thinking of, imaging…