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TA22 Celica test driving… runs good, she’ll goes to south africa…

This 1974 TA22 JDM RHD Celica GTV, JDM vintage vehicle will be shipped to Durban port South africa on this March, 2010(probably)… and she will be taken care of the new owner, in south africa…

The new owner lives in South africa, and he’s working at Toyota Motor South africa, and he’s now an registered importer, familiared with “Vehicle importation from japan”.

So If you are in market for JDM vehicles, and seriously thinking of importing vehicles individually, but doesn’t know well about “Importation process”, We can introduce him to you after We have your full custmer informations, and he will accept your plan.

Basically South africa goverment prohibited individuals from importinge vehicles freely, and there are so many different rules, and require many “Process” before you import vehicles from overseas. Speak easily, If you have no experience, it’s so hard for you to do it “ALL” by yourself.

This Celica has been under “Inspection” and Minor parts replacing process at our japanese registered mechanical workshop, and after this “Final process”, she leave here for south africa…

If you lives in south africa, You might come across her in near future….

Here’s the test driving video, we took on last Sunday, Osaka, Japan, Near MONKY’S INC Japan JU shop, Takatsuki-city,Osaka, Japan.. 

TEST DRIVE : 1994 JDM RHD Toyota Celica TA22 GTV-2TG with Solex Carburator

**JU is Japan used car dealer association.
MONKY’S INC is a member of JU Osaka since 2002year, Registered JU member.